Friday, December 13, 2019

Questions on Modern Consumerism Free Essays

I shop therefore I know that I am Decide if the following sentences are true or false according to the test ‘l shop therefore I know that I am†. 1- The two crucial defining features of modern consumerism are emotion and desire False.. We will write a custom essay sample on Questions on Modern Consumerism or any similar topic only for you Order Now The two are emotion and desire and individualism 2- It’s quite clear that a distinctive channel of modern consumption is the extent to which good and services are bought by individuals for their own use. True.. 3- The two features support each other combining to define the nature of modern mesmerism. True.. 4- Astrology cannot serve as a useful guide to an understanding of the social and cultural word. False, it can serve as a guide to that. 5- What is needed is sociology of postmodernism, not a postmodern sociology True, as Mike Featheriness has said. 6- The author suggests that it is our interests or hobbies that define us. False, the author says that if you have some particular hobbies then you can meet people with similar interests. 7- The person we really consider’ ‘ the real me† is to be found in our special mix of tastes. True 8- It is crucial for us to test ourselves for a wide range of variation in products. True 9- The marketplace is not indispensable to the process of discovering who we really are. False, it is 10- The real location of our identity is to be found in our reaction to products, and not in the products themselves. True 11- Our parent’s and grandparent’s used to consider themselves as we consider ourselves nowadays. False, for them identity was far more likely to be primarily a tater of their status and position in various institutions and associations. 12- Not all consumption is individualistic at nature. True This article is about the metaphysical basis of modern consumerism, which tries to explain the relationship between the metaphysic and the consumption showing several accepted answers to the crucial question Why do we consume? Such as the pursuit of pleasure and the imitation of others. It also emphasizes the crucial defining features of this consumerism which are the process of desiring† that lie at he heart of the phenomenon mentioned before and the critical but defining characteristic of it the individualism† which support each other combining to define the nature of modern consumerism. The author underlines that the individuals concerned appear to define their essential identity almost exclusively in terms of their tastes and viewed in that way the activity of consuming is considered as the vital and necessary path to self-discovery while the marketplace itself becomes indispensable to the process of discovering who we really are. How to cite Questions on Modern Consumerism, Papers

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